Incorporated in 1974, the Winnipeg Film Group is a charitable, artist-run organization committed to promoting the art of cinema.


/ the legal goal of the organization /

The Winnipeg Film Group was incorporated in 1974 "to encourage the production of films of a social, artistic and educational nature; to make such films; and to enhance the production and appreciation of filmmaking."


/ the current framework of the organization; how it achieves its legal goal /

The Winnipeg Film Group is an artist-run education, production, exhibition and distribution centre committed to promoting the art of cinema.


/ the impact the organization aspires to have; where it seeks to be in the future /

The Winnipeg Film Group dares to be the Canadian vanguard in the creation and promotion of diverse cinematic forms and to ignite a community of artistic exploration.


/ concepts that drive the organization's strategies /

  • Artist-Run: Promoting artistic achievement and excellence
  • Diversity: Reflective of our community
  • Film: Fostering the use and appreciation of motion picture film as an artistic medium, alongside supporting digital approaches
  • Independence: Providing a platform for expression to a wide range of voices and approaches, supporting the filmmaker as an artistic creator
  • Innovation: Fostering creativity and new directions and ideas